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This quiz program is suitable for all the family to use.

With QUIZPLAYER you can both build a quiz and run the quiz so that your friends and family can take part whereever they are. It has been designed to use in conjunction with programs such as zoom.

It can also be used in single player mode. Where you just take a preexisting quiz, mark your own answers and see how you have done against all the other people who have taken the quiz.

Before buiding your first quiz take a look at the how to page.

The quiz player program is free to use, but please consider making a small donation to the HEAL charity which supports orphaned and under priveleged children in India.

This program has been brought to you by the HEAL technical team of:
Bharath, Colin, Frida, Lakshmi, Luke, Margaret, Reddy and Ruth.

This software is dedicated to Margaret, without whose support and patience it would never have happened.