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The Challenge:

HEAL offers a monthly general knowledge quiz. Each quiz covers a range of topics and rounds are presented in a variety of formats (text, picture, sound or video).

This is how it works:
  • You take the latest quiz.
    • You are asked to provide an email address and a quiz name (this name is published on the leader board)
    • You are emailed a one time passcode that you need to enter to start the quiz.
    • Quizzes take about 40 minutes to complete
    • You can take a break at the end of any round
    • You resume by taking the quiz again, it will automatically restart at the next round.
    • Each person (or more precisely, email address) can only take a quiz once.
  • Some rounds are automatically scored, others you score yourself
  • Once you have completed a quiz, you can check your ranking against all the other people who have completed that quiz.
    • You will be shown your ranking for each quiz in the system
    • You will be invited to take any quizzes that you have missed.
  • General knowledge is normally nation specific.
    • The HEAL monthly quizzes have been set by someone from the UK
    • Heal would welcome volunteers from different countries who have a good IT skill set and an interest in setting a monthly quiz. Training would be given in using the tools to set the quiz.
    • If you would like to volunteer email charltoncolin7@hotmail.co.uk giving your contact details.
  • The quizplayer software can be used to host a quiz between familly and friends. Fuller details are qiven when you click the 'HOST A QUIZ EVENING' button.
  • If you enjoyed doing the quiz and you can afford to please make a donation to HEAL - It will help a child less fortunate than you.